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We also very much welcome your feedback and comments. Non-natural amino acids are incorporated into peptides for many different reasons. For example, unnatural amino acids are used to increase the activity or selectivity and plasma stability of peptides in drug discovery projects. Another example is the use of non-natural amino acids for the induction or stabilization of secondary structures helices, sheets, turns. JPT is proud to offer the custom peptide synthesis of peptides containing a plethora of different unnatural amino acids.

Besides commercially available amino acids, we are able to synthesize a wide range of non-commercially available amino acids. Please inquire about your specific peptide sequence to receive a quotation. JPT is also able to incorporate a wide range of unusual amino acids found in nature. Prominent examples are: hydroxyproline Hyp , beta-alanine, citrulline Cit , ornithine Orn , norleucine Nle , 3-nitrotyrosine, nitroarginine, pyroglutamic acid Pyr.

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The figure shows a graphical presentation of frequently used unnatural amino acids. Biotinylated and Tagged Peptides. Click Chemistry. C-terminal Modifications.

Unnatural amino acids: better than the real things?

Special protecting group for N-terminus. Amino acids carrying four different groups on their a-C atom i. These a-amino acids can be found in respective L- and D-forms enantiomers :. The predominant form in natural proteins is the L-form. As some enzyme classes are enantioselective, i. These heavy amino acids are non-radioactive, but 1 Da heavier than the standard amino acids. The standard heavy amino acids you can find:. Request A Quote. Polypeptid-display-bibliotheken und verfahren zur herstellung und verwendung davon.

JPB2 ja. Methode d'identification de famille de voie metabolique par selection positive. EPA2 en. Site specific incorporation of heavy atom-containing unnatural amino acids into proteins for crystal structure determination. CNB zh. EPB1 en. EPA4 en.

LIFE SCIENCES - Methods in Enzymology (6) Non-Natural Amino Acids

In vivo site-specific incorporation of n-acetyl-galactosamine amino acids in eubacteria. Orthogonal translation components for the in vivo incorporation of unnatural amino acids. CAC en.

Methods and Protocols

Formulations of human growth hormone comprising a non-naturally encoded amino acid. Composiciones que contienen, metodos que involucran y usos de aminoacidos no naturales y polipeptidos. NZA en. PAA1 es. Aprotinin-like polypeptides for delivering agents conjugated thereto to tissues. Site specific incorporation of phosphoserine into polypeptides using phosphoseryl-tRNA synthetase.

Compositions and methods for the preparation of protease resistant human growth hormone glycosylation mutants.

Methods and compositions for the identification of antibiotics that are not susceptible to antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. DKT3 da. WOA2 en. CNA zh. KRB1 ko.

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EST3 es. Genetically programmed expression of proteins containing the unnatural amino acid phenylselenocysteine. PTE pt. Genetically programmed expression of selectively sulfated proteins in eubacteria. RUA ru. Agente terapeutico para cancer resistente a agentes quimioterapeuticos que comprende un anticuerpo que reconoce hla de clase i como ingrediente activo; composicion farmaceutica que comprende dicho anticuerpo; y metodo para tratar cancer resistente a.

MXA es. Agonists of guanylate cyclase useful for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, gallstone, obesity and other cardiovascular diseases. System and method for producing synthetic microorganisms capable of translating proteins containing non-standard amino acids.

Unusual & Non-natural Amino Acids

Molecules and methods for modulating low-density-lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 lrp6. Genetic incorporation of an alpha-hydroxy acid into proteins to generate ester backbone linkages at defined sites. High-sensitive fluorescent energy transfer assay using fluoresent amino acids and fluorescent proteins. SIT1 sl. Compositions and methods comprising glycyl-tRNA synthetases having non-canonical biological activities. CAA1 en. Agonists of guanylate cyclase useful for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, cancer and other disorders.

Nonlinear optical detection of molecules comprising an unnatural amino acid possessing a hyperpolarizability. AUA1 en. KRA ko. Compositions and methods comprising aspartyl-trna synthetases having non-canonical biological activities. Treatment of ovarian cancer using an anticancer agent conjugated to an angiopep-2 analog. Production of recombinant proteins utilizing non-antibiotic selection methods and the incorporation of non-natural amino acids therein. USA1 en. Recombinant prokaryotes and use thereof for production of o-glycosylated proteins.

EAA1 ru. Engineered polypeptide agents for targeted broad spectrum influenza neutralization.

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